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Legal Consultation

Legal consultation for organizations and individual entrepreneurs includes the following items:

Advice on the conclusion, modification, addition of economic contracts; Advice on litigation;

Potential pre-trial settlement of disputes;

Consultation on internal corporate procedures: running general meetings of shareholders, board meetings, general meetings of shareholders;

Consultation on external corporate procedures: state registration of legal entities, changes made to the organization’s constituent documents, the disclosure of information by the issuer.

Consultation on labor disputes, related to the dismissal of worker (demotions, liquidation of the organization and other types of dismissal by the employer), as well as other disputes and the relationship between employee and employer related to employment in the organization;

Consultation on reparations as a result of wrongful acts or omissions of third parties, likewise fires, floods, flooding, snow fall, ice, icicles, and other cases;

  • Consultation on liability of employees;
  • Consultation on the registration of real estate;
  • Consultation on HR policy;
  • Consultation on enforcement proceedings (order of foreclosure by executive documents, including those by means of service of court bailiffs).

Legal consultation for individual parties includes the following topics:

Consultation on the conclusion, modification, and addition of economic contracts;

Consultation on litigation with the possibility of pre-trial settlement of disputes.

  • Consultation on labor legislation (dismissal, hiring, challenging employers’ orders, pecuniary damages and other issues).
  • Consultation on inheritance law (procedures for coming into inheritance, obtainment of a certificate of inheritance, the order of entry into inheritance, the registration of wills, share of the heirs and other issues);
  • Consultation on family law (divorce cases, division property, disputes about children and other issues);

Legal consultation provided orally or in writing: certificates or legal opinion.


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